Classical - Pop - Rap - New Age - Folk - Blues - Rock - Country - Jazz

You might like all of these types of music, you might like a few of these, or you might not like any of them at all. Your brain somehow makes sense of music and allows you to make the decisions about your musical taste.

At its most basic level, music is just sound. Sound produced by vibration. These vibrations can be caused by voices, musical instruments or by objects hitting each other. Sounds are carried to the ear by changes in air pressure.
 Music itself has several important characteristics such as rhythm, pitch, timbre and melody.


- Now write about your favourite singer or group, mention the type of music they belong to and choose one of their songs. Write the lyrics of the song and explain why you like it, how you listen to this music, how it makes you feel..


This time we are going to be personal
Choose a book, a place, a person,
 a moment at school, a happy moment and explain why you have chosen them. 
You may present it with the help of PowerPoint, with pictures, objects...make it personal and share it with your classmates.

Include adjectives to describe them and the feelings you have about them.

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