Compilation: Orchestral instruments GAMES

This is an interesting online resource, from the web Artopia, to recognize the sound of the orchestral instruments and also revise their names. Play the game! Guess the instrument playing! Try your visual memory with this Sphinxkids Instrument Music Match (memory game): You’ll enjoy this Might Music man quiz: help him to recover the instruments: […]

Compilation: Orchestral instruments RESOURCES

Take a tour of website, and discover their Instrument Lab section. Each orchestral instruments is explained and you can also listen to their sounds: New York Philharmonic Kidzone is another fantastic website to learn by playing the name of all the orchestral instruments. Don’t miss the Instrument Storage room: The Nashville Symphony Orchestra has […]

Instrumentos da orquestra: varios recursos online

Dentro do Repositorio ABALAR atopamos esta sinxela actividade para sinalar os nomes dos instrumentos da orquestra, moi boa como reforzo e repaso o para os nenos de NEE:   Esta animación sobre la orquesta sinfónica es un magnífico recurso para repasar los nombres de los instrumentos con los estudiantes de 2º. Gracias a la Euskadiko Orkestra!   Mapa […]

Jugamos para repasar los instrumentos

Repasemos los instrumentos de la orquesta mediante estos juegos! Todos estos juegos de Educaplay nos vendrán fenomenal para estudiar…. jugando! 😉 La orquesta con sonido: de Juan Moreno La orquesta sinfónica: de Ana Belén Vázquez Secades Partes de los instrumentos musicales: de Ana Belén Vázquez Secades Instrumentos de la orquesta: Elena Álvarez Rubiera La orquesta: de Adriana García Los instrumentos […]

Catch the instrument!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this game. You have to help ‘Maestro’ to pick the instruments before they fall and place them in the correct tube. You can find ‘Instrument frenzy’ and more games in the New York Philharmonic Kidzone website. Enjoy!