The Woodwind family

This is the first time I used Checkthis to prepare this notes for my bilingual students. I hope they can revise what we’ve learnt and watch more examples of the Woodwind instruments. Click on the pictures to visit the Checkthis resource:  

Peter and the wolf

‘Peter and the Wolf’ was composed in 1936 by Sergei Prokofiev. He was asked to write a new musical symphony for children and he completed this composition in four days. The story was based on a Russian folktale. There are six different musical themes, representing the characters in the story: Bird – ? Cat – […]

Webquest: La música del Renacimiento

Nunca fui demasiado fan de las WebQuests, pero dando clase a grupos bilingües, que trabajan a diario con textos íntegramente en inglés (y, en el caso del grupo de 3º de la ESO, con contenidos de Historia), es mejor para ellos que, a la hora de preparar un trabajo y buscar información en Internet, tengan alguna orientación y se les facilite […]