Beethoven’s game

Do you want to visit the place where Ludwig van Beethoven was born? Now it’s possible, you don’t need to travel to Bonn! Just visit the Digital Beethoven’s House. And of course, there’s a kids zone to explore his life and work: By clicking on the Spanish flag, you can also see the Spanish content:


Intervals are the names given to the distance in pitch between notes. Currently we are learning intervals, and this is a fantastic way to listen to revise them and listen to more examples at home. You can skip and learn the ABC notes and in Solfège in this piano keyboard: This is an online resource found in Philharmonia website.

Composers: English resources & games

Timeline & Great Composers: Select the composer you would like to learn more about: These resources and more in Browse composers by Time period: This is a Musicacademyonline resource. Read and listen some famous composers biographies visiting this Composers Gallery: This is a New Your Philharmonic Kidzone game. Playtime! We can play this Music Match game: This […]

A different way to visualize Rhythm

In this video you can listen to different examples of beats and rhythmic patterns. The wheel is marked with different colored dots representing beats. In this case, green dots are used for main beats, orange dots for off beats, and white dots for secondary beats. Thus, John Varney uses the wheel method to take us on […]