Classifying the music is not easy and there are many songs that can belong to more than one musical genre, for now we are going to see this interactive scheme to get closer to the musical genres. Click on the images to access the materials.

Thanks to Maria Jesús for the resourcers.

Watch the examples above.Then in pairs you have to make a presentation about a theme. I will give you  a letter A, B, C etc and you will have to prepare a power point about the theme given.

1-Accordingto the  type of audience:

A-popular and folk
B-classical  music.

2-According to the the purpose:


3-According to the  the content:

E-theatrical music,
F-film music or tv,
G-commercial music,
H-abstract music,
I- programme music and descriptive music

4-According to the performers:

J- vocal,
K- instrumental and mixed

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