Musical genres questions

How do you define program music?
  • .     
    A.Instrumental music usually for symphony or orchestra
  •       B 
    Instrumental music free of a text or pre-existing program
  •       C. 
    Seeks to recreate in sound the events / emotions portrayed in some external source

    2. The Cultured Music is also called ...   :

     A  pure music 

    B  classical music   
    C instrumental music

    3 The Popular Music is the music made by the people and reflects their culture 
    A   True   
    B  False

    4-The Soundtracks belong to the music:
    A scenic
    B film and tv
    C instrumental

    5-The mass belongs to the gender:
    A Religious
    B vocal
    C secular

    6-The sonata belongs to the genre:
    A advertising
    B cinema and tv
    c instrumental (pure)

    7-The ballet belongs to the genre:
    A vocal
    B scenic
    C advertising

    8-The advertising music aims:
    A-intensify the advertising message
    B- ad decorate
    C-make the most entertainer ad.

    9-What musical genre does this image belongs to?

     10-What musical genre does this image belong to?


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