Música: Abel Korzeniowski
Coreógrafo: Tarek Aïtmeddour

Danza contemporánea sobre una terraza parisina. Realizada por el coreógrafo Tarek Aïtmeddour y sus bailarines. La grabación es muy buena y la calidad gráfica y visual estupenda.

Phil afirma:

I had the opportunity to film and take some pictures of a dance session at the rooftop of a parisian building.
It was the work of a young choregrapher Tarek Aïtmeddour and his dancers.

The whole movie was shot with a Panasonic GH4 at 96fps + 35-100mm f/2.8 most hand held.
It was multiple takes with one camera. In fact this montage is just a selection of moments that looks good in slow-motion. Another movie is coming that will show the real choreography in real time and in color. 

I was speechless when I saw this dance. I do not know if it is the tempo, the light, the beauty of the movements and the choreography, the music, or the set of all these elements, but it moved me deeply. I think it is a magnificent example to work on the idea of ​​dance as a vehicle of expression: beauty, strength, equality, discipline, freedom, harmony, balance, confidence, stories or dreams.

 What does it suggest to you?