Agafa les notes musicals

Avui us proposo un fantàstic recurs interactiu, creat per l’Octavi Soler, per a treballar les notes musicals amb l’alumnat de primària.

Hem jugat amb les classes de segon i els ha encantat.

agafa les notes

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Intervals are the names given to the distance in pitch between notes. Currently we are learning intervals, and this is a fantastic way to listen to revise them and listen to more examples at home. You can skip and learn the ABC notes and in Solfège in this piano keyboard: This is an online resource found in Philharmonia website.

Flashcards: Pitch

We review PITCH with these flashcards made with GoConqr. Look carefully the musical sign in each card and try to remember its name. Check your answer clicking on it to see the answer and… point the thumb upwards if you hit the mark! You can see easily the number of right answers, just like those flashcards you need […]