Anthony F. Jahn (MD): an interview about vocal health for singers

Anthony F. Jahn es un otorrinolaringólogo de renombre internacional, residente en Manhattan. Director de los servicios médicos del MET Ópera and Jazz en el Lincoln Center de Nueva York. Vuelca su interés especialmente en la voz profesional. Sus pacientes incluyen cantantes de música clásica y moderna. En la presente entrevista en inglés habla de su labor. Muy recomendable su lectura para cantantes, profesores de canto y personal sanitario que trata a los profesionales de la voz. 

- You have been linked to the world of singing for many years. When and why have you decided to help singers? 
I grew up with music- both my parents were professional musicians, and I have played the piano all my life. I chose otolaryngology as a specialty because of its relevance to hearing, and to the singing voice. As a young physician, I began working with Dr. Eugen Grabscheid, a Viennese doctor who took care of many of the top opera singers in New York, and I was hooked.

- How does the singing patient differ from one who is not? What may consider a MD who treat singers?
Singers have a very difficult profession. Their voices are held to a very high standard, much higher than a normal  speaker's voice, and must work every time. Their career depends on their voice- it is not like a college degree that, once you have it,  entitles you to work in your profession,  but it is tested and judged every time they sing. That is a lot of pressure.