El compositor J.  Williams utiliza el LEITMOTIV, un tema musical recurrente asociado a un personaje.
El tema de Hedwig, representa a la lechuza de Harry y es el único que se repite en otras películas de la serie.

Listen to this fantastic music:


How well do you know the music of Harry Potter?

1- Can you tell me the name of the first  instrument that we can listen to?

In the following link you can play the song



Open the book in page 109, and you will find the lyrics and the sheest of this song.

This is a balld-type  song , it is said that guitarist James Hetfield composed it while talking to his girlfriend on the phone.

In the song, "Nothing Else Matters" means that "nothing else is important." 

What is the most important thing to you?  Something so important that nothing else matters?